Slide Movie - Diafilmprojektor

an installation by Gebhard Sengmüller

Black cube installation: A film sequence (35mm motion picture, 24 frames/sec.) is cut up and the individual frames are mounted as slides. They’re then distributed among 24 slide projectors that are all focused on the same screen (the exact same point).
Via electronic control of the projectors, these individual images are then reassembled-in an extremely cumbersome way-into a chronological sequence.
The formula “one projector per frame” thus gives rise to something that at least rudimentarily (and inevitably very inaccurately, due to the lack of precision of the mechanical devices) suggests a motion picture. The film soundtrack emerges as a byproduct - the mechanical clattering of the projectors changing slides.

[Slide Movie installation (images)]

[promotional video]

[promotional brochure with essay by Felix Stalder (pdf)]

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