TV Poetry - The Faster The Machines, The Better The Poetry

a project by Gebhard Sengmüller, system design by Günter Erhart & Clemens Zauner

TV POETRY is an experimental set-up which can be put together at any location. Combined with precisely adjusted receiving equipment, it rapidly scans the various television transmissions it receives (commercials, news, quiz shows, etc.) for text passages visible on the screen. In an ongoing, realtime process, the text is recognised, filtered out, processed, and output as an endless stream of text, generated by TV programs and CPU programming. Through imponderability, inaccuracy, video noise and misinterpretation within the system, the source text is radically transformed, giving rise to new meanings.

[TV Poetry installation at ars electronica, Linz (images)]
[TV Poetry installation at Medienbiennale, Leipzig (images)]
[TV Poetry installation at Saint Gervais de Geneve, Geneva (images)]

[promotional video]

[catalog (pdf)]

[watch the video on vimeo]

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